Student labor groups of the Republic of Tatarstan

For residents of the Universiade Village, SRW of MOOO “RSO” presented the activities of student labor groups of the Republic of Tatarstan.
21 March 2019, Thursday
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On March 20, 2019, with the support of the Mayor of the Universiade Village Ilnur Rakhimov, a meeting was held on the campus with representatives of the Republican Student Labor Groups: the head of the construction department of the Tatarstan regional branch of the Youth All-Russian Public Organization Russian Student Groups (SRD, RSO RDO) Oleg Anikin and the head Service Directorate SRW MOOO “RSO” Alena Shuteeva.

On the eve of the 45th World Championship in World Skills in Kazan, the construction and service activities for the summer period both in Tatarstan and beyond were presented to students.

Oleg and Alain identified several advantages of working in student groups:

  1. official employment;
  2. white wages;
  3. unique work experience;
  4. travels in Russia;
  5. new friends and dating.

They also shared their own experiences and noted that, unlike many other programs, in student labor groups, children can start earning with minimal investment, paying only tuition and travel to their workplace. In this case, at the end of the employment contract, the employer compensates for these costs.

Several times, Oleg Anikin emphasized the fact that working in the Russian student teams is an excellent chance for self-development, and urged the children not to give up the unique opportunity.

The movement “Russian student groups”, whose history began back in 1959, today gathers 240 thousand people annually, who get the opportunity to work and relax in the summer.

If you are interested in official work for the summer period, then follow the news in the group of Student Labor Units of the Republic of Tatarstan.