Unity of the Voluntary Fire Brigade

Our bold squad of the Universiade Village, the Voluntary Fire Brigade, has once again proved that it can not only work well, but also be culturally relaxed.
02 April 2019, Tuesday
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Фотогаллерея новости

In the art space “ComeIn” an important event took place: the transfer of the post of commander of the Voluntary Fire Squad of the Universiade Village Aydar Zagirov to his successor Roman Murzakov. So it turned out that both of them are students of the Institute of Physics K (P) FU, for which not only personal safety is important, but also a peaceful sleep of all residents of the campus.

The evening began with the introduction of all participants who met for the first time.

In a sign of gratitude to Aydar for his leadership qualities, conscientious work and ability to rally the team, the students presented him with a designer print hoodie.

During the whole event, the KDP members, with a cup of tea and delicious cookies, organized real tournaments in board games, competed in logic and tactics, trained perseverance in the game of Genga.

Thank you guys for the warm atmosphere and work for the benefit of the Universiade Village!