Student expectations from the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Championship

In August, the Universiade Village will receive participants of the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Championship. This event will not pass by for students who reside in the UV.
24 January 2019, Thursday
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The year 2019 has become a landmark for Russia and the entire world community - the 45th World Championship in World Skills standards will take place in Kazan from August 22 to August 27. The goal of the championship is to demonstrate the value of professional skills in achieving the country's economic growth and the personal success of each contestant. WorldSkills Village (the current Universiade Village) will be the location for most of the participants, experts and volunteers of the championship.

To find out about the mood of students on the eve of the championship, we turned to the chairwoman of the Students Association of the Universiade Village, a student of the K (P) FU Chemical Institute - Angelina Vashchenko.

Angelina, how do you feel about hosting the WorldSkills2019 Championship in our country?

I am very glad that the championship of working professions is held in Russia. Because in our country, this area is becoming very popular. Every year, training in secondary vocational schools becomes more prestigious, and the working professions are more highly paid. In addition, I hope that for the students of Kazan this will become an important point of support for the next leap forward.

Were there any unresolved questions from students on the eviction procedure from the Universiade Village this year?

From the administration of K (P) FU, everything was done so that the residents of the Universiade Village did not care about this question. For the convenience of students, the summer session will be postponed two weeks earlier, so that everyone can quietly move out within the timeframe set by the accommodation contract, until June 30.

Do you have people working in the family among your relatives?

My grandmother and grandfather worked all their lives as builders-engineers and participated in the installation of the monument “Motherland”. A second grandfather worked as a specialist in the installation of gas equipment.

How important is the development and support of working professions in our country?

In my opinion, this is very important and relevant. Because not all professions and skills can be replaced with the help of computer technology and robotics. It is people who are the most important factor in the development of the economy of the whole country. Therefore, I hope that in the near future specialists of working professions will be even more in demand and will be able to receive good support from the state.

How are students planning to spend their summer holidays during the championship?

This year, the summer holidays for students of K (P) FU will be slightly increased, so the children will be able to enjoy the rest and tune in to study. At the same time, the guys will be able not only to relax, but also to gain experience in organizing such a large-scale event as the WorldSkills Championship. Now they are recruiting students who will work as volunteers during the championship and anyone can join this team.

What could you wish to the participants of the championship as the Chairman of one of the largest public organizations of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University?

Championship participants, I first of all wish good luck. I also wish to find free time and see the sights of Kazan, to see in them the features of our national culture.

Every major international event that is held in Russia increases the awareness of our country and dispels the ridiculous myths that have developed about us. Therefore, I hope that the participants of the championship will have a positive impression about Russia and Kazan. And may the best man win!