Master class from “Shtrih” studio

In the art space “ComeIn” a master class from the “Shtrih” studio took place. Daria Melnikova discovered the secrets of drawing with acrylic paints.
16 April 2019, Tuesday
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Sitting and bored at home on a beautiful Sunday is not for students of the Universiade Village. At least because the art space “ComeIn” from Tuesday to Sunday holds interesting events where children can play, meet new people and recharge themselves with positive energy.

This Sunday, thanks to the administration of the Universiade Village and the art studio “Shtrih”, students of our town have mastered a new trend in art - drawing with acrylic paints. The guys drew a warm endless sea, palm trees on the shore and the sun gently leaving the horizon.

During the master class, participants learned that acrylic paints are made of synthetic materials, which dries quickly and does not fade. This allows you to create with their help these masterpieces.

The head of the studio, Daria Melnikova, told about all the stages of painting with colors:

  1. creating a sketch in pencil;
  2. background design;
  3. designation of additional items.

Daria also advised large objects to be applied ⅓ from the center of the picture. And only after performing all these actions, proceed to stretching: for example, make water darker than the sky.

Guests gladly devoted themselves to creativity, learned a lot of artistic subtleties, and most importantly, they spent their leisure time pleasantly and profitably.

Classes in the art studio “Shtrih” are held free of charge 3 times a week in the house of 2 Universiade Villages. Stay close to art!