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The atelier of the Universiade Village always pleases students with its skill, and the Sharp Needles needlework club reopens its recruitment among the masters of their craft.
30 January 2020, Thursday
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Фотогаллерея новости

There are many useful services in the Universiade Village, it's time to talk about one of them.

The atelier is located in the house 11a on the second floor and has been working since the first arrival. Here, on any Tuesday or Friday from 9-18 pm, each student will be able to return to his beloved things the old look with the help of the master Liliya Vafikovna.

She is not only a professional in her field, but also the head of the Sharp Needles club, whose set, by the way, starts on February 11th!

Sharp needles are a club where you can learn how to create absolutely unique things with your own hands! Under the guidance of a master of his craft, anyone can learn to create their own masterpieces not only in the classroom, but also in their future life.