First-year impression of the session

First-year student at the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Inflation Technologies, shared his impressions of the ongoing session
17 January 2020, Friday
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Фотогаллерея новости

The session is already in full swing, each student passes it in his own way. Senior students, for example, pass this test with experience and ease, and first-year students are faced with this stage for the first time and can tell a lot about their feelings. A first-year student, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies, Vladimir Alekseevich Babnischev decided to share his emotions with us.
Imagine that you are back in grade 9 or 11. You are frightened by exams, your parents are worried, and you are both having fun and having fun ... Okay, just kidding (or not) - Vladimir tells us. In fact, there is always excitement and a little fear, of course. Personally, I just get ready and calm. Resting when I want, studying when I want. Perhaps because only the first course, only three exams.
The most difficult, which is not surprising, he notes the deadline and the feeling that the new year is given for relaxation, but this is now not so. On a long weekend, it can be hard to get yourself to do something, but the hardest part is to get started. Then you get carried away, and everything goes like clockwork.
For almost half a year Vova has been living in the best campus and says that the sensations are pleasant, he notes that he feels really at home. He notes the existence of strict rules, but believes that their presence creates a sense of security and order. People here live the most diverse, it is very interesting to get acquainted and communicate. Life in my house is in full swing, we constantly have events from sectors, various gatherings are independent (well, who doesn’t like to drink tea?), And indeed it’s fun!
Also, Vladimir told us about his ways to easily overcome the session, the main rule is not to overwork! If there is an opportunity to relax, it is better to relax. If I understand that I am behind the plan, I force myself to do something. Of course, you should not forget about sleep and food, at least 6 hours, but you need to sleep better than 8. and you need to eat regularly so that the brain receives energy. It will not be superfluous to learn from senior students information about the subject, the teacher, everywhere there are tricks. LEARNING DURING STUDY, NOT DURING THE SESSION. This is the main secret - notes Vova.
Well, Vladimir wishes everyone understanding teachers, patience and strength. And good luck, of course, nowhere without it.